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Macro Photography

Macro photography is getting up close and personal. It allows for seeing minute details. I don't actually own a macro lens, but I have used them in the past. They are very fun to play around with. Everyday subjects such as a lamp shade can turn into photo masterpieces. When using macro lenses the focus can be fine tuned to the exact spot where you'd like it. Here is a shot I took of an Xbox 360 controller. I thought this was pretty cool.  

HDR is Fun

I just recently got into HDR photography after years of not really understanding what it was exactly. After I had gotten my DSLR I would bring it around with me and take pictures of nature, landscapes, architecture and other things that piqued my interest. I never used to be too big on editing images other than just slight color or light issues. HDR really changed my outlook on photography. For those who don't know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It's where you take multiple images at different exposures using bracketing. After you've taken your pictures you can use a certain software such as HDR Efex Pro(What I use) which can be plugged directly into Photoshop and this is where you will combine the images you've taken. After this process is complete you can adjust the image to make it look the way you'd like it or add effects. It gives images a higher dynamic range of luminosities. Therefore, you can see the dark points, at exposure points, and over exposed vividly.  Below are some HDR images I have taken in the past.